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Pro Hookers And How It Was Created.


Pro Hookers was created August 2nd 2015 by 3 friends. OldNo7 - Lenze - Lectron. The Community was created from the game Fishing Planet on Steam and was the first community formed on Fishing Planet. We actually did not think it would take off like it did until we realized players on fishing planet wanted to know more about PH. We then switch the name from Pro Hookers to Pro Hookers International Community Gamers because we started gaining members from around the globe. PHICGS is now known through out the Fishing Planet community & we planed to be around for quit awhile. We have Close To a total of 500 registered members from when we created the community & we are still growing. Some of our members play other games as well like The Hunter, The Hunter - Call of The Wild - ARk - 7 Days To Die And More. So If this community interest you, fill out and application and we will contact you. We have a great community and the best members a community could have. Our Admins are very helpful and can assist you with games they are into playing. Our Administration: Hilrond - Phoenix - Hurch - Phasers - Catfish_Joe & Waiora. Some of the greatest guys I have the pleasure to know and to be friends with.

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